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Ultimate Package

What We Provide

Our “VCE Headstart Lectures” will provide students with an overview of Unit 3 and 4 Chinese as a First Language. The lecture will emphasise on key concepts and provide specific subject strategies for the exam.

Interactive Lecture

The lecture will be taught by qualified VCE teachers or VCAA assessors that are responsible for marking the exam. We provide the lecture through an interactive online platform. This provides students with the opportunity to directly ask questions in real-time and receive prompt answers, participate in quizzes, chats and polls.

Study Notes and Graded Submission

In addition to the comprehensive lecture notes, the ultimate package will provide students with an opportunity to submit an essay or trial exam paper to our VCE teacher or VCAA assessor. This submission will be graded, and individualised feedback will be provided back to the student to allow for further improvement.


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